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Don’t make currency exchange a headache!

In today’s technology driven world, exchanging currencies has never been easier. Whether you are purchasing a property, transferring your pension or paying for an insurance policy in a foreign currency, the first move is to line up a regulated specialist currency exchange company.

Why use a regulated specialist currency exchange company? The first part is very important. UK regulation is thought of as one of the best in the world, and companies that come under that regulation have to use segregated accounts for client money so that those funds are ring-fenced and not touched but remain the ownership of the client.
A specialist currency exchange broker, as opposed to a company that is part of a bank, runs a risk free business. As soon as the client wants to buy or sell a currency the broker will interact with the wholesale market straight away. The idea that the broker plays with client money is false.

Currency companies are far more flexible than banks, in the fact that forward contracts, limit orders and a personal service are available. Also, the rates provided by currency companies are generally better than banks which means more currency in the destination bank account.

As we struggle over the Brexit hurdles, it is more important than ever that clients speak to people who understand the currency market and the options that are open to them.

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