I want the funds for my purchase to be solid and secure, managed by a trusted brand

When you buy one of our pre-paid plans, we ensure that your money will remain safe.

Whether you purchase your plan by way of single payment or 12-96 monthly instalments, all Golden Leaves Funeral Plan funds once received, are paid directly into the Golden Leaves Trust. The Golden Leaves Trust independently manages the funds to achieve stable long-term growth, specifically to cover the increasing cost of funeral services.

The Trust is regulated in compliance with The Financial Services and Markets Act 2001, and is overseen by a board of trustees, who have appointed Julius Bär and Quilter Cheviot as the investment fund managers for the Trust, and Lloyds as the fund’s banker. The fund is annually, independently audited and subject to strict actuarial reporting to ensure that it remains solid, stable, and above all, completely secure.

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You know you’re being looked after
 by a historic and trusted brand

Since pre-paid funeral planning was introduced to the UK in 1984, Golden Leaves Ltd has been at the forefront of providers. We were founding members of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans and The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) which monitors the marketing, financial and service provisions of the plan providers that it regulates.

We’d like to assure you that with Golden Leaves, your arrangements are in the safest possible hands. Every funeral director appointed to provide services for a Golden Leaves Plan must first satisfy a number of stringent requirements, including a demonstration of outstanding service records in their local community. It is preferable that they are also be affiliated with relevant accredited associations such as The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and/or The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

All Golden Leaves funeral plan funds are held in the Trust by an independent board of trustees, who are required to ensure the adequacy of funds to cover the cost of funerals when they occur. Our latest actuarial reports show that there are sufficient funds to cover all funerals should they occur on the same day.

The funds are invested in index linked gilts to ensure they keep pace with the RPI. Index linked gilts have performed well in the current market crises and have actually increased in value due to the flight by investors from equities into secure investments.

Furthermore, should Golden Leaves Ltd cease trade due to liquidation, insolvency or any other reason, the Golden Leaves Trust Fund is safe from any creditors because the Trust is an entirely separate legal entity. In such an incident, the trustees are required to find another company to complete the administration of the plans. In the first instance the trustees will request that Rowland Brothers International (a sister company to Golden Leaves) to administer all plans.

If Golden Leaves Ltd is taken over by another company, the new company will assume all obligations Golden Leaves has made to its plan holders. Any monies already paid in will therefore be guaranteed to cover future funeral arrangements, and payments will continue to be taken in accordance with the plan contact terms and conditions.


David Dinwoodie CA IMC

David is a director responsible for managing the assets, investments and business interests of an extremely high net worth entrepreneur. An accomplished strategist and corporate financier with over 15 years of experience across Big 4 Accountancy and Blue Chip FTSE 100 organisations.  He has extensive experience in providing financial and commercial direction, and is both a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the CFA Society of the UK (international organisation of investment practitioners).

Previously, David was an Associate Partner at a London based corporate finance practice focusing on SMEs.  He has led engagements across every stage of a transaction from consideration of strategic options to transaction execution, and has worked with a broad range of clients from private equity to government departments.

James K Humble OBE

James K Humble is Vice President of the Trading Standards Institute; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; Member of the Codes of Practice Committee, Department of Health.

Previous appointments include Assistant Director Office of Fair Trading and Executive Committee; National Consumer Congress; Non-Executive Director of the National Consumer Council; Chief Executive LACOTS; Director Metrication Board; Director National Metrological Coordinating Unit. In Europe, Rapporteur Council of Europe Committees on Consumer Education and Codes of Practice; Leader Hague Nine; member of various regulatory committees including FLEP [food law]; PROSAFE [product safety] and WELMEC [metrology]; European Commission Working Groups and a member of the Methven Committee and the Eden Committee in Whitehall.

Jim Spinks

Jim Spinks runs an independent consultancy service focusing on trading standards and consumer protection. He has worked throughout the UK and in many countries overseas.

Jim gained previous experience whilst in charge of the consumer protection service of London’s largest local authority. Throughout his many years in this role, he established a formidable reputation for securing a better deal for consumers and for crushing unfair trading practices. In 1995, he was awarded Fellowship of the Trading Standards Institute for his outstanding services. He is an active member of the British Standards Society and of the Development Committee of the National Consumers Federation.

Arnold Pindar

Arnold Pindar has been President of ANEC, the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation, since 2011. ANEC aims to achieve the highest practicable levels of protection and welfare for all consumers, regardless of age or ability. He is also Chairman of the UK National Consumer Federation since 2008, an independent, not-for-profit charity, with over 50 years’ experience of tackling issues that affect large numbers of consumers, and campaigning for positive change. The NCF works to influence Government, regulators and businesses to ensure that the consumer voice is at the heart of decision-making. At international level, Arnold is co-chair of the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) Consumer Working Group on Services.

He trained as an analytical chemist and worked for many years at the UK’s Department of Trade & Industry, much of this time dealing with consumer safety. He has represented the UK at European Council and Commission Working Parties developing safety related harmonization Directives, and has been a member of many British and European (CEN) and international (ISO) Standards Technical Committees. He joined the British Standards Institution in 1996 as Head of Consumer & Societal Policy (retired 2006)

Steve Rowland

Steve Rowland provides the valuable link between the funeral industry, the Golden Leaves company, and the Golden Leaves Trust. He brings a vast wealth of experience and capability. He is the Chairman of Golden Leaves Ltd, Managing Director of funeral directors Rowland Brothers, A & J Morriss and Sons, and Rowland Brothers International – a globally recognised repatriation provider.

His previous roles include Chairman of the National Association of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans (NAPFP) between 2000=2005; an industry representative of the Joint Steering Group for the development of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA); and director of the FPA from 2002 to 2005.
Steve has witnessed both the best and worst of what the industry has to offer, and offers a highly knowledgeable link between Golden Leaves, funeral directors, and ultimately, the customer. “Most companies may have one or two employees which genuinely look to put the customer’s needs first, but this can often be undone at a company level by a corporate attitude which puts the company first and the customer second. Whether investing in a pre-paid funeral plan or dealing with the tragedy of losing a loved one, any customer is potentially vulnerable and therefore needs to be provided with the greatest levels of protection and reassurance. At Golden Leaves, we pride ourselves on looking to put our customers first, at every level – including our own board of trustees who have a significant background in Consumer Protection.”

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