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Impact of Brexit on policyholders buying Insurance

There is going to be some impact on the insurance market as a result of Brexit that will lead to increased costs for insurers and which, in turn, are likely to be passed on to the policyholder through their insurance and premiums.  The longer term consequences of an exit from the EU for the insurance Read More

Should Brits become Spanish after Brexit?

Following Brexit, is there anything I can do to make sure I can remain in Spain? This is one of the many questions on the lips of expatriates, after the vote to leave the European Union. So what can expats in Spain do to protect themselves? The answer could be to become a Spanish national. Read More

Are you entitled to call the doctor if you fall ill?

Do you know what would happen to you if you fell ill or had an accident in Spain? Are you paying for your health care, and do you know if you are entitled to health care as an expat in Spain? Do you have health cover if you return to the UK to visit family Read More

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