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Looking for a stress free expatriation to Spain

Whether would-be expats like it or not, learning the local language is essential to making your lifestyle change successful and stress-free.

Moving overseas is a big challenge to the majority of would-be expats yearning for a new life in the sun. Tackling the basics and preparing yourself for inevitable changes is the way to make your transition as stress-free as is possible. If you’re heading for Spain, learning Spanish is far easier than tackling many other languages, and will help you integrate with locals as well as making bureaucratic tasks far easier.

Outside Spain‘s major tourism and expat hubs, English isn’t widely spoken, making the Spanish language essential for expats looking to live in a rural area. The best way forward is to take a course in the language before your move, backing it up and moving forward via the internet once you’ve arrived and settled in. Most expats admit the language wasn’t the challenge they’d expected, so there’s no excuse for giving up.

Moving overseas has one thing in common, wherever you have decided to settle, forms need to be filled in and paperwork needs to be exact and endlessly copied, with Spain no different from any other expat destination as regards bureaucracy. You’ll need an NIE number to do almost anything, including buying a vehicle and renting or buying your new home.
Admittedly, Spain’s red tape leaves a lot to be desired at times and you need copies of everything and extended waiting times for important decisions. Keeping everything in hard copy as well as online is recommended and, if you’re totally confused, the local paid intermediary should be able to put your mind at rest, especially when you’re forced to attend local offices rather than simply sending the required paperwork online.

If you are wanting to obtain an NIE number or apply for Residencia, please call Haylee on 966 493 082 for a chat and further advice or email

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