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Investment decisions during market volatility

With many Expats concerned about the effects that “BREXIT” may bring it could be seen as a difficult time to be making long term investment decisions.

I have seen many articles written about how “BREXIT will affect you!” but with the UK Government only having just started negotiating the terms on which the UK wish to leave it. Undoubtedly, means that the average man in the street  at this stage just doesn’t know. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to put off making investment decisions for the next 2 years, in fact from an Investment perspective it may well prove to have been a good period to have held a diversified portfolio benefiting from market volatility as the twists and turns of the negotiations affect the value of the funds.

This is where choosing a qualified highly regulated Financial Advisor who works a long side an equally experienced and highly regulated Discretionary Fund Manager can ensure that your portfolio continues to perform even under the most uncertain of times. Discretionary managers have the ability to move money between different funds, using a wide range of managers, asset classes and currencies all within your predetermined risk profile.

Portfolios can be designed for either Capital Growth or Income and can be held in either Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. They can also be held in tax efficient products from either a UK or Spanish tax prospective and can reduce the amount of time and hassle of reporting on the annual Modelo 720 return here in Spain. With 24/7 online access the portfolios offer complete transparency.

This article was written on behalf of Golden Leaves

For further information on how a Discretionary Portfolio can help you improve your returns on either funds that are held in cash or existing investments that just do not appear to be performing, please call Emma on 966 493 082 for expert advice and a free consultation.

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