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Car Insurance in Spain

Mr. & Mrs. Davies (name changed for identity purposes) came into the Javea office to speak with Emma for Car Insurance. They were in the process of relocating to Spain and were wanting to find out if it is possible to obtain insurance on a UK plated car in Spain.

After a near miss with their car upon their arrival in Spain, they realized how important it was to put the correct cover into place.

Mr. & Mrs. Davies were pleasantly surprised by the fact that not only could they have competitive cover for their UK plated car, but the fact their no- claims bonus is protected is another huge benefit.

Emma provided a list of further benefits;

  • Instant cover available
  • Increased excess discounts
  • Up to 70% no- claims discount
  • Receive up to €20,000 personal injury benefit for the policy-holder

Mr. & Mrs. Davies Testimonial

“We were relocating to Spain and the idea was to bring our UK plated car with us, but we hadn´t really considered finding insurance in Spain which would cover UK plated cars. We had a near miss (we weren´t to blame) and we were strongly advised to find a company who would insure UK plated cars as this scenario could have been much worse. Golden Leaves International were recommended to us by our neighbours and we were thrilled to have such great service from Emma. She really knows her stuff and made everything feel like a breeze. We are so happy to have guidance and support by Emma and her friendly team, that we will be taking our Home Insurance with them and we will be definitely using their other expat services too.”

If you have any enquiries, would like any assistance in this matter, please call Emma on 966 493 082, or email: and she will be able to talk you through the item and advise what the best option for your circumstances is.

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