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Honouring your last requests

Although there are traditions and customs of how a funeral should be conducted, nowadays funerals are becoming more individualistic.

Perhaps due to changing views on the role of religion in everyday life, more people may not want a formal church service, and would prefer to make their last requests to suit their own personality.

According to the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), people are making more unusual funeral requests, such as Morris dancing at a funeral, or a company director who wished to be buried in his garden overlooking the golf course.

Along with bizarre last requests, NAFD reported that people were finding it easier to talk about planning their funerals. Although it may still be a prickly subject to think about dying, planning your funeral can be a positive step.

You will find that funerals in Spain are conducted much sooner than in the UK, with funerals most often going ahead within a couple of days following a death. This doesn’t allow much time to make necessary arrangements- and pay for them. By planning ahead, not only can you personally ensure that your last requests are met, but you can remove the stress and financial pressure on those close to you at a time when they are grieving.

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