I would like to thank Golden Leaves for their very professional help and advice throughout. Their Compassion was outstanding

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Compare Plan Features - Cyprus

  • Simple
  • Administration of the plan
  • Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
  • The funeral director’s professional services
  • Removal to the funeral director’s premises (within 40km)
  • Removal to the funeral director’s premises (within 80km)
  • Care of the deceased
  • Care of deceased for visit by family & friends
  • Hygienic treatment
  • Mortuary expense
    4 days
    7 days
    7 days
  • A simple wood coffin
  • Provision of hearse to cemetery
  • Use of chapel of rest
  • Church Service, Minister, and staff attendance (A contribution of €285 is included in the plan)
  • Bread, cheese, and wine following service
  • Provision of necessary staff to attend funeral service
  • Burial third party fees* inclusive of grave purchase, interment fee and grave digger fee
  • Wooden cross with name plate (wooden cross added when grave is purchased)
  • Advice to executors relating to registration & documentation
  • All legal documents necessary for the funeral to take place
  • Funds secured and held in an independent trust
  • 24-Hour English-speaking emergency helpline
  • All legal documents required for repatriation and its funeral services
  • Care of deceased and preparation for repatriation
  • A simple coffin conforming to international travel
  • Delivery to Larnace / Paphos airport in closed hearse
  • Flight to destination country (freight fee allowance of €1000**)
  • UK SERVICE (Repatriation Plan)
  • Delivery from UK airport to funeral directors (100 miles)
  • UK Service (contribution to UK funeral of up to £2000**)
  • Full use of the chapel of rest
  • A quality wood veneer coffin
  • Hearse on the day of the funeral
  • Provision of conductor & bearers
  • Service and committal both held at UK crematorium/cemetery
  • Cremation or contribution towards burial costs*
  • Advice to executors relating to registration and documentation

We are temporarily unable to offer the online purchase of our products

To purchase a Golden Leaves Funeral Plan,
please call free on 8000 98 309 (Spain).

Alternatively call +44 208 684 34 64 from outside the UK.

*Burial third party fees limited to 850 euros (based on current cemetery cost – Contribution)
**If the cost of these is more than £2000 (or the cost of repatriation by air is more than £1000) then there may be additional expenses that will need to be paid by the estate or next-of-kin of the deceased.

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