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More people in Spain are enjoying a long retirement

The climate and healthy Mediterranean diet of Spain are just two of the reasons why more people are living to a ripe, old age. Statistics show 15,941 people living to celebrate their 100th birthday in Spain, including 508 people who are 100 years or older in the Alicante region alone. These figures, produced by the Read More

Honouring your last requests

Although there are traditions and customs of how a funeral should be conducted, nowadays funerals are becoming more individualistic. Perhaps due... Read More

The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion (RBL) is a British charity which was founded in 1921; originally it was set up to assist those who had fought for their country during the First World War. Since that time there have been many major conflicts where British troops have been, and still are, being called upon to protect Read More

Keep healthy by knocking back the olive oil

Although a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down according to Mary Poppins, four tablespoons of virgin olive oil help to boost a healthy heart. According to a study carried out in Spain, the Mediterranean diet increases the function of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) or ‘good’ cholesterol needed for a healthy heart. Adding four tablespoons Read More

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