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The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion (RBL) is a British charity which was founded in 1921; originally it was set up to assist those who had fought for their country during the First World War. Since that time there have been many major conflicts where British troops have been, and still are, being called upon to protect Read More

Top cycling race returns to Alicante

The beautiful coastline and mountains of the Alicante region will be providing a stunning backdrop for one of the most prestigious cycle races in the world, La Vuelta de España. Millions of television viewers along with thousands of spectators are expected to watch the race start on August 19 from the French city of Nimes. Read More

Spain exports hit record high

As the economic crisis gripped Spain, enterprising business people looked overseas as the answer to keep on trading. Their forward-thinking has paid off as Spanish exports hit a record high of € 255 billion in 2016, according to Economy Ministry figures. This record-breaking boost for 2016 to the economy marks the seventh year of expansion Read More

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