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A Comfort in sad times

A message from Michel Euesden, owner of the Euro Weekly News

I do not offer endorsements lightly, but in the case of Golden Leaves International it was an easy decision to reach.

Sadly, 2018 saw loss of close friends and this really struck home to me what a tremendous difference it can make at a highly emotional and stressful time, if there are no worries about funeral arrangements.

For those people who have recently arrived in Spain – and many longer-term residents – a death in the family can leave them at a complete loss as to what to do. Who do you phone? What paperwork needs to be done? What is the first step to take?

As I dwelt on the added stress of these factors in a sad and difficult process, I began thinking about what alternatives were.

My thoughts went to the time when my husband Steven and I had the honour to be invited to the British Embassy by the ambassador to meet Prince Charles and Camilla.

There we not only met royalty, but also one of the most affable and likeable men you could wish to meet – Barry Floyd.

Like us, he had been invited as a result of his charitable work. When we started chatting, I discovered he was Managing Director of Golden Leaves. We immediately built up a mutual respect.

It was through him that I met Emma Quantrill, who had been running her own business in Mojacar (Almeria). She rapidly went from offering Golden Leaves’ services through her own business to being their Operations Director for Spain.

As my mind turned to funeral plans, I decided to try them first hand and so contacted Golden Leaves to investigate further. I could not have had a warmer welcome.

There was no pressure to buy – simply a straightforward, friendly chat with an explanation of the plans they have to offer. All the staff are an absolute credit to Golden Leaves.

I was impressed – so much so that both Steven and I invested in a plan. Now I know that when the inevitable happens, my loved ones will not have the added worries of arranging and paying for the funeral arrangements.

One call to Golden Leaves will be all that is needed – they will take care of the rest at any time of the night or day

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