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Health Insurance in Spain

Mr & Mrs Proctor (let’s say for identity purposes) came into the Javea office to speak with Victoria for Health Insurance. They had taken early retirement and decided they wanted to relocate to Spain. Mr & Mrs Proctor did their research beforehand and thought that the EHIC (emergency medical card) would be enough.

After a near miss, they realized how important it was to put things into place. one of them being private health care. Victoria talked with Mr & Mrs Proctor regarding their personal circumstances, all pre-existing conditions and plans in the future.

The excellent policy was best for their situation and includes no co-payments, GP and specialist appointments, emergency surgery and any hospital visits, along with annual Wellman and Wellwoman checks. This is the top level for the cover we have on offer and is approximately €900 annually per person. However, as this was not required for residency, they opted to pay by monthly instalments on a direct debit at a slightly extra cost.

“We took early retirement and moved to Spain. We knew that we would need to arrange our health cover and after looking at many options, we went to Golden Leaves. Victoria was very helpful and knowledgeable and discussed the different options they had. After talking with Victoria, she set us up on a policy that met our needs perfectly.”

If you find you are in a similar situation, or have a holiday home here in Spain, Victoria will be able to talk you through your options and guide you as to what suits your personal requirements.

For further information, please contact Victoria on
966 493 082, or email;

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