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How I became a resident of Spain

Mr Smith (let’s say for identity purposes) popped into our Javea office after seeing our advert in the Euro Weekly News. He had concerns in becoming a permanent resident in Spain with all the chaos surrounding Brexit.

Victoria, our private Health and Residency specialist discussed Mr Smith´s situation at some length. She was able to establish his personal circumstances and give him the best possible option. What we advised for him follows:

To take out private health cover, which he had to pay 1 year up front to obtain his residency certificate, the best option for Mr Smith was the middle of our 3 policies – the Premium, costing approximately €800 annually. Victoria then went on to book Mr Smith his residency appointment in Benidorm at the Oficina de Extranjeros.

Victoria provided a list of documents required for residency at the Benidorm office. Please note these can change depending on the variables.

In general, these documents are:

  • Padron certificate (proof of address)
  • Bank Certificate (proof of income)
  • Private Health Care Certificate
  • NIE

Victoria also completed the application and payment forms on his behalf to present to the office during his meeting with them. We did give Mr Smith the option to take a translator to help with the appointment at a small charge. He decided not to take this option, as he felt that, in his case, it would be an easy task, having our help to prepare beforehand.

“I went to Golden Leaves to ask for help with my residencia application. Victoria sat with me and went through everything that is required for the application and answered all my questions clearly. Victoria gave me all the information I needed, as well as guiding me through the process and making the appointment for me. Victoria also went through the details of the Private Health Insurance that I needed for the residencia application. She gave me a detailed explanation of the covers and provided the right cover for my needs. I was very happy with the service from Victoria and, thanks to her, I was successful in gaining my residencia.”

If you have any enquiries, or would like any assistance in this matter, please call Victoria on 966 493 082, or email;

and she will be able to talk you through the item as a whole and advise what is the best option for your circumstances.

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