Golden Leaves offered very sound advice in helping with creating our wills. Their professional experience made us comfortable answering difficult questions

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Legal Services

Planning for the unexpected is never easy. Where do you start? Who can you speak to? Here at Golden Leaves, we have partners who can help you out with important decisions like this.

Simply let us know what your concerns are, and we will ensure you receive the advice you need.

Nobody knows what life has in store for us. 
It tends to go against our human nature to think about any life-changing injuries or illnesses, long-term care or death. While planning for the good things in life may be easier to face, it’s important to put plans in place for the bad times too, otherwise when the time comes, these decisions may be taken completely out of your hands and left to others to make on your behalf. Considering your will is perhaps a good place to start your planning.

The process of making a will can be a difficult one. Not only does it mean that you need to consider your own mortality, but you also need to consider who you would prefer to benefit from your savings, your belongings, and perhaps even your house. While making important decisions regarding your will may not be easy, it will make things easier for those you leave behind. Additionally, failing to plan your will could result in your savings, your belongings and your house being left in the wrong hands.

Creating your will is obviously a very important procedure, and allows you to consider a number of important planning issues, some of which may not be immediately obvious. For instance:

  •  As an expat, are you concerned with long-term care fees and managing care options?
  • Are you concerned about what will happen to your assets if your partner remarries after your death? Will your children still receive what you intended?
  • What happens if you leave your assets to your children and they get divorced?
  • What happens if you leave your assets to your partner or children and they have financial difficulties?
  • If you were unable to manage your financial affairs or personal welfare due to some form of incapacity, who would you like to act on your behalf?

If you have any more questions about the advice we offer on legal services, just fill in a contact form to get in touch with one of our expert partners!

Call us on FREE 0800 85 44 48 (UK) 8000 98 309 (SPAIN) or +44 208 684 34 64 if calling from anywhere else outside the UK

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