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Would you get a 3D commemorative urn shaped like the head of the deceased?

An American company developed commemorative urns shaped like the heads of deceased loved ones by using 3D imaging techniques. Would you get one?
The company, called Cremation Solutions, is based in Vermont and specialises in memorial events and products.

Different urns
They make 28cm-high urns to hold the ashes of an adult, by combining a number of photos. There is also a smaller version, at 15cm high, which can hold some of the ashes.
They say on their website that as long as they are provided with good photos to use, they can make the urns look like anyone. The complexions can be adjusted and hair can be added before completion and clients get to approve the urns before receiving them.
The cost of the large urn is around €2,175 and the small one is about €500. Both come with a marble base and the ashes are put inside by removing a plug in the bottom. They can also make smaller poseable action figure urns.

Latest technology
They are all custom made using the latest technology, Cremation Solutions explain on their website, and mean that you will never have to worry that you may one day forget what your loved one looked like. You can also have blemishes and imperfections removed so that they will always look their best.
As funerals and memorial services are becoming more and more personalised, this could be a popular idea, and although it may seem quite novel, the Romans and Greeks had models of their faces and torsos made when they died, and although admittedly they didn’t contain their ashes, they were very popular for centuries.

Overdoing it?
The owner of the company, Jeff Staab, has been in the business for more than 20 years and wanted to offer a really personal touch for the urn. However, he admits that he and the developers of the technology capable of producing the urn, ‘That’s my Face’, may have gone too far and understand that people may find them creepy because they are just so realistic. Sales have not been what they hoped, but there has been worldwide attention and fascination with the urns. Those who have purchased them have been very pleased with the results. Staab thinks that it is the eyes and the colouring that may have taken them too far, and is considering making them in a bronze tone.

Personalising your funeral
The type of urn you want is just one of many things that you can personalise in your funeral plan to ensure that you get exactly what you want without the stress for your loved ones of having to try to guess what that might have been. You may not want to go as far as having a realistic 3D urn shaped like your head, but there are many things you can choose, from a casket or urn, to how and where you would like your ashes to go, what type of memorial you would like to celebrate your life and what flowers or headstone you would want.
Golden Leaves International offers you the opportunity to plan and pay ahead for your funeral, relieving your loved ones of this worry at such a difficult time.

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